From my experience and volunteer work in schools, medical clinics, and youth programs in Southern Sudan, I have come to realize that while I, individually, was able to provide some small measure of help to the people of Southern Sudan, I lack the capacity to make a large difference that only comes when many people join together. But for this coming together to happen, the true story of the people of Sudan needs to be told. Only with a large number of people will it be possible to raise awareness and develop a financial support system that will be able to really help the people of Sudan.
Through this hike, I intend to:

  • Raise general awareness about what is happening in Sudan through talks, lectures and distribution of electronic informational materials.
  • Develop a system of sustainable financial support for the following institutions:
    • Mapuordit Rural Hospital.
    • Loreto Girls Secondary School.
    • Chuibet Teachers Training College.
    • Mapuordit Minor Seminary.