Hike for Sudan directly partners with several organizations as implementing partners of the initiatives in Sudan.

The Catholic Diocese of Rumbek

All of the current Hike for Sudan beneficiary projects currently fall within the geographic boundaries of, and under the auspices of, the Diocese of Rumbek. The Diocese, led by Bishop Caesar Mazzolari, serves over four million people in fields of pastoral work, education, health, and development.


An Italian NGO and non-profit organization dedicated to aiding projects and development within the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, and Southern Sudan as a whole. They are the primary implementing partner for the construction of the Chuibet Teacher’s Training College.

The Sudan Council of Catholic Bishops

The SCBC has served has an authority on human rights and dignity in the bitter conflicts of the past fifty years in Sudan. The Diocese of Rumbek falls under the authority of the SCBC.