H4S building board, preparing for non-profit application, and focusing on monitoring the post-referendum process

After being in the planning stages for 6 months, Hike for Sudan is moving forward with the non-profit incorporation process, and the future planning stages in order to lay the groundwork for a viable, self- sustaining organization that can continue in its mission of support of the people of Sudan, and of educating people around the world about this beautiful area that has seen so much strife and suffering yet holds such promise and potential.

These preparations come at a time of great excitement and great turmoil in Sudan. Southern Sudan has voted overwhelmingly for secession, social unrest is simmering in the north, and the Abyei region   located on boundary between north and south remains very controversial and holds the potential to spark new conflict. Darfur remains tense as well, with attacks and skirmishes being reported almost daily.
As part of the incorporation process, The Hike for Sudan website is being revamped and additional information will be added in order to help monitor the various problem areas in Sudan. Our own sources as well as third party sources will help to provide monitoring of the dynamic nature on the ground, and potentially help to avoid mass casualties.
Nominations and applications for our new Board of Directors are now being accepted. This is a voluntary position with the commitment of a few hours per month to help shape and guide the direction of H4S, to include working to complete the process of non-profit incorporation.
Please utilize the contact form to receive more information or to apply and nominate.
Thanks for your continuing support!

Chris and the Hike for Sudan team


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