Model of SchoolAs a result of the decades of conflict in Sudan, its educational infrastructure has been destroyed. Less than thirty percent of children have access to education, and of this thirty percent, less than thirty percent will graduate eighth grade (primary eight).

Yet if there is a lack of students, there is an even greater lack of teachers. Most teachers have themselves not completed the eighth grade, and those who have are almost certainly not qualified or trained teachers. A more likely scenario, especially in the rural villages, is that the teacher has completed 3rd or 4th grade (primary three or four).

Southern Suden will never be able to alter its status quo without proper trained teachers. To respond to this need CESAR Onlus, an Italian NGO and non-profit organization, the Diocese of Rumbek, and the local government of Chuibet county have decided to build the first teachers training center in the entire Bar el Gazal region. This undertaking is crucial for the future of Sudan.

2nd ModelThe estimated cost to build the school is 1.5 million euros, or about 2 million U.S. dollars. Without teachers to instruct, Sudan will never be able to recover from its years of conflict, and has the potential to disintegrate into