The status of women in Sudan can be described as nothing less than deplorable. On average, less than thirty percent of children will finish the eight grade. However when applied to girls alone, this statistic drops even lower. In Lakes State, where the Loreto Girls School is located, barely any girl is able to reach the eighth grade, and the few that do generally drop out as a result of family pressure, marriage, or early pregancy. By age fifteen, girls are expected to marry and produce more children. Cultural pressures against further education are extremely, and usually impossibly, difficult to overcome.

It is in this very difficult environment for women that the Loreto Girls School was founded, opening its doors two years ago. The school is the first all-girls secondary school in all of Southern Sudan, an amazing accomplishment in an area where womens rights is an unheard-of idea.

The school accepts girls of all backgrounds, tribes, and religions.

The cost to send one girl to the school per year, which includes all food, clothing, books, and transportation, is $2000. This year, the school is beginning a sponsorship program in order to be able to keep providing the girls with an education. Because families are often unwilling or unable to provide assistance, outside sponsorship is the only means for these girls to be able to have an education.

Sponsorship is a great way for schools, communities, families, businesses and other organizations to come together to support girls who have to fight against so much. Please consider this chance to help. It is greatly appreciated, and plays a large role in shaping the development of women in Sudan for years to come