The Minor Seminary is crucial in preparing young Sudanese to join the diocese of Rumbek as priests. The seminary is both a secondary school, where the students attend normal academic classes at the Mapuordit Secondary School, and a spiritual and personel development center.

During the war years, it was located in Kitale, Kenya. With the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that officially ended the north-south civil war, the decision was made to relocate the seminary to Sudan both for reasons of being in its home country and due to the unsustainable cost of operating in Kenya.

Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, the dormitory facilities, which are mud huts, are completly rotting and disintegrating. Three of the six huts are unusable due to termite damage, and the water pours in through the grass roof which is completey falling apart. The forty-five seminarians now reside in an area which would comfortably sleep eighteen people.

It is important that the seminary remain open and intact not only for the future of the church in Sudan, but for Sudan itself. In Sudan, due to the lack of governing infrastructure during the war, the church has risen to play the role of moral authority, conflict mediator, and relief agency as well. Priests are not only the leaders of the church – they are the leaders of the community. Please help preserve the future of our seminarians in Sudan by helping us to build a decent roof over their heads. The cost of $75,000 will construct a building that will be capable of holding sixty-four students with bunked beds. People around the world, including Germany, Spain, and Italy are holding dinners and fundraisers to raise this amount. However, it is not enough. If we are not able to raise the funds by April so that the dormitory can be completed prior to the rainy season, then we will subject the seminarians to the misery of the Sudanese rainy season unprotected. Please help in any way you can.