The Mapuordit Rural Hospital grew out of necessity during the war years. Access to any form of medical care is rare in Southern Sudan, and in the Lakes region, the poor roads and lack of transportation have created an untenable health situation. In 1994 a small dispensary was started in the mission of Mapuordit, but the hospital did not reach its present state until the arrival of Dr. Br. Rosario Iannetti and a team of rotating doctors from the Slovakian Catholic University. After the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the civil war between north and south, the Italian Cooperation, an Italian government relief arm, financed the expansion of the hospital to include a laboratory and maternity ward, among other improvements.

The hospital serves an area with a radius of more than one hundred kilometers, but for emergencies people travel much further distances, many times on foot or carrying the patients on the back of a bicycle. Diseases long eradicated in the United States, Europe and the developed world still plague Sudan. Leprosy, tuberculosis, and malaria kill thousands every year in Sudan, due lack of access to medical care facilities.

The hospital is run by Dr. Br. Rosario Iannetti, who is assisted by a small staff of international and local nurses, and occasionally by outside volunteers. Lack of trained personnel hampers the hospital greatly, and this is one of the areas where outside help is both welcomed and desperately needed. The team is greatly overworked, and can never meet the demands placed on them. Dr. Rosario will have three to four patients in the operating room at one time, moving as quckly as he can from surgery to surgery,usually barely having the time to drink a cup of tea in between groups of operations.

There are many ways to help the Mapuordit Rural Hospital:

1) If you are a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, anesthesiologist, dentist, or other medical professional and are willing to donate your time, please do not hesitate to contact Chris for more information. Additionally, the hospital is in need of support from other hospitals in the form of equipment, dressings, and other medical supplies. Please contact Chris for more information.

2) Financially, the hospital does not have the funds necessary to properly sustain its operations, and thus is overworked and understaffed. Your financial contribution will go directly to sustaining this live giving service to the people of Sudan. As stated before, 100% of your donation will go to the hospital – there are no administrative or overhead costs associated with this gift.

3) Raise publicity – invite Chris to speak at your event, house, church, party or any medium where people gather together. It is vital that people know the good works that unselfish people are doing in Sudan, and that we support them in whatever small way we can.